Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Becky Jerams Knows What She Wants

Becky JeramsWhen's the last time you heard a musician that you truly want to hear more of? Mine was when mastering the collection of tracks by singer/songwriter Becky Jerams.

Becky puts her writing talent to just about any style and her ambition is to have a career writing songs for other artists to perform. However, when you hear her sing, I think you'll agree that she can also make her voice fit any style required as well.

Whether it's rock, ballads, pop, jazz, or anything else you might need, I'm sure she could write the song. Need a song written for you? A vocal part singing? Becky could be who you need!

The songs in this collection have separately had mixing/producing input by Steve O'Neill and Alan Broadbent, helping Becky bring her fabulous songs to our ears.

The songs should be available on iTunes in a few weeks time. My current favourites are Breathe You In, Rabbit, Heaven On Fire, and Why Don't He. The track listing is:

01. Heaven On Fire
02. Sugar And Spice
03. Breathe You In
04. Rabbit
05. Stay Tonight
06. Why Don't He
07. Space
08. I Know What I Want
09. Heaven
10. Sexy Boy
11. Likes Of You
12. Misty Air
13. Landed
14. Enchanted
15. I Can't Stay

Good luck Becky!

Becky Jerams on MySpace

[tracks used with permission from Becky Jerams]

Becky Jerams Montage by John Hartley @ MUSIKLAB

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